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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 9, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> thousands rally in the tune is in capital and a show of support for the government -- in tunisia in a show of support for the government. demonstrations come a day after the burial of the murdered opposition politician. al jazeera, live from london. rockets hit any rainy and dissident camp near baghdad, reportedly killing six -- an iranian dissident camp near baghdad, reportedly killing six.
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obesity leads us to a city in united states. there is growing turmoil into knees. thousands of people rally on the street of the capital in show of support for the government -- tunisia. thousands of people rally on the streets of the capital in show of support for the government. the prime minister has threatened to resign if a technocratic government is not formed. >> on the capital's main thoroughfare, thousands gathered in support of tunisia' party. this is a warning for those who thought to dissolve the government. we are not afraid to go back to the streets. the moderate islamic enough a party one elections in 2011.
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a political murder of liberal opponent chokri belaid and the prime minister posta's decision to form a caretaker government of non-politicians in response has divided the country and the party. huge crowds turned out in support of opposition groups at friday posta funeral. .- friday's funeral >> it is a rally that appears to demonstrate very vocally the growing divide between religious and secular. >> it has put aside the question of imposition and women's rights.
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its priority is to further the interests of the people. >> the message is, get out. the ruling party insists it is not going anywhere. al jazeera, tunis. >> the political class in tunisia is grappling with their political crisis. the latest development is this announcement made by the two major parties in the voting coalition. they said they have agreed on forming a national unity government. this is not the sense of the prime minister.
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the only way out is a government -- we have to wait and see whether the major political parties will overcome these divisions, these differences about how to move forward. as far as the tunisians are concerned, they are very worried about the growing divide between the islamists. they say there is not a strong will to solve those problems. there is no way the tunisians will be able to tackle. there is still this sentiment that there are a few days to solve this problem, otherwise it will face further insurgency and instability. >> the secretary-general
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condemned a tack on any and dissident camp in iraq. -- an attack on an iranian dissident camp in iraq. >> security sources say at least 30 rockets tore through the trailers of what used to be called camp liberty. the iraqi army say they were launched from somewhere in west baghdad. the dead and most of the wounded were members of a group of a rainy and -- iranian dissidents. it was renamed freedom. the people who live there say it was a prison. it is a far cry from their status before the war. after he was forced from power, they became unwelcome guests. so much so that iraqi soldiers killed eight m.e.k. members.
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the iraqui government and sitters them i called and said they them with poisoned arrows. -- considers them a called and said they attacked them with poisoned arrows -- a cult and said they attacked them with poisoned arrows. >> there was immediate violence in december 2011. it is why i am so shocked of what happened today. the chapel -- these people have to be protected. >> the un monitors, but iraq is in charge of it. almost half of these people have been interviewed by the un refugee agency are you ready to be moved to other -- and are ready to be moved to other countries. the problem is finding countries that are willing to take them. >> even among dissidents, the organization has very little support within iran.
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while a lot of its members do not want to leave iraq, they are not allowed to stay here. they remain in a dangerous limbo. al jazeera, baghdad. >> as south african teenager was gang raped, mutilated, and left to die. the brutality of the murder has sparked national outrage. western cape town. >> she was gang raped and news related. she died in a hospital. it is a crime that shocked south africans and left many in the town worried for their safety. >> they can do it to anyone of us. we need to be respected. >> south africa has one of the
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highest rates of sexual violence in the world. >> are we an angry nation? is it the societal issues or the upbringing? when you look at, you find that the upbringing of a boy child and girl child is different. we need to infuse at a young age that ways need turn -- boys need to respect girls. >> this is where security guards found her, in like in india, where there is a huge public outcry. sexual offenses in south africa often go unnoticed.
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but her rape and murder has people talking, saying that this sort of thing has to stop. al jazeera, south africa. >> the case has sparked outrage across south africa. the sheer number of cases means that many rapes often go unreported. one in four south african women or girls is raped, with an attack taking place every four minutes. there are more than 60,000 rapes reported every year in a country of 50 million people. the real figure is much higher. joining me now vast get from johannesburg, the chief executive of the antirape group. why do think there is but in over this particular case -- there is been such an outcry over this particular case?
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>> i think south africans have had enough. enough is enough. the brutality of the case is another reason. i think people around the world are finding their voices through the arab spring, occupy wall street, and all the austerity measures. i think people are taking the power back and they have had enough. >> tomi about the way the radio stations got involved in trying to raise the profile of such an important issue. >> i think we all read the statistics in south africa. we know the stories. we hear them every day. in our media group, we cover them every day. but i do not think we feel it as citizens in our country. the idea was that every time we dropped the pan, somebody else in south africa had been raped. after an hour of hearing that favorite radioe stations, you start to feel uncomfortable and the message starts to sink deep. >> we have heard about factors
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in that report about what could lead to rape. what do you think is the biggest factor making it such an endemic issue in south africa? >> i do not think there is one. there is many. perhaps we can start with the apathy of citizens in the country. everybody knows who the rapists are, and they are living in people's communities. people are protecting them, not speaking up. the shame of being raped or in a family where you know you have a rapist and protecting them, i think it begins in the home. as parents and human beings, we need to start looking at what is causing all of this and start taking measures to change it. the law just has to be far harsher. >> are there other things of the government needs to do? should there be special teams
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within the police force to deal with rate? >> we need special forces that need to be brought back. we desperately need harsher sentencing. we need stronger and stricter conditions. we need the courts to be available to hear these cases when they happen, i instead of some
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>> this top stories here, thousands of people have rallied in the streets of tunisia in support of the government. associated press reports at least six iranians have been killed. nations have urged iraq's government to investigate. the funeral is being held for a south african teenager who was gang raped, mutilated, and left to die. the brutality of her murder has sparked national outrage. dozens of protesters have been injured in kashmir in india and parts of pakistan during a violent response to a pregnant execution. -- execution.
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from the capital of new delhi. >> anger as news of his execution reached kashmir. >> they have conspired and killed an innocent. >> in anticipation, the government had blocked mobile phone signals, the internet, and cable channels to try to prevent people from communicating. they sent out extra paramilitary forces and police, warning people to stay at home. they ignored the chief minister's appeal for,. >> -- calm. >> there are people who can use his hanging for political gains. i hope the people control their emotions. >> he was convicted of conspiring with and sheltering the gunman who launched an assault on the indian parliament in 2001.
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five armed men stormed the heart of india's political establishment, killing eight police officers and the guard there -- gardiner. the supreme court ordered him to be hanged in 2004. his wife appeal for mercy. on saturday, the ministry confirmed that he had been hanged in the jail. >> eventually, it, needed in government making a decision -- it culminated in government making a decision. >> his conviction has been divisive across the country. he was arrested with three others who were later acquitted. >> how this man has been denied justice.
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he is paying the price of being a muslim. >> the 2001 attacks brought india and pakistan to the brink of war. the execution stirred deep emotions because many kashmiris feel that they face the brunt of the conflict between the two giant neighbors. al jazeera, new delhi. >> general john allen has overseen much of the security transition of afghan soldiers. allen has told al jazeera that the taliban has to change if it wants to be part of the country 's leadership. >> if the taliban want to play in the future of afghanistan, they're going to have to account for this constitution. they're going to have to account for the rights of women, and they're going to have up -- have to give up violence. and the connections they have had with all kind of.
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-- all tied up. -- al qaeda. we leave that process to president karzai and his government, where it should properly reside. >> the government has agreed to hold talks with rebel forces. earlier this month, the roots are in opposition volunteered to negotiate with the government. seven new ministers have been appointed. no explanation was given for the changes. government jets on the outskirts of the capital sent in troops to try to capture sections of the key damascus ring road after rebels made gains there. they were tending to stop opposition fighters from moving into the city center -- are trying to stop opposition fighters from moving into the city center.
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the government is not backing down. >> this is the first major game by rebels in months. after they forced government soldiers of the district in the southeast of the city. those soldiers did not go far. they are now positioned less than 200 meters away. this highway is all that divides the two sides. it is a key road. it links the airport to areas of the city under government control. in effect, the rebels have cut off the army's ability to resupply its troops by land. >> the supply line is strategic for the regime. they send supplies from damascus and other areas by air. and then they use the highway. >> the rebels have been trying to break the military stalemate. they know that they cannot do this just by taking territory. they need to capture strategic territory. that is why the rebel push into the district is a threat to the government.
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many of its residents were supporters of the syrian government. they fled. this is what is left. the government is still using heavy firepower to try to retake it. >> we know that they are sending reinforcements. recently, they are not able to use their planes not that much. >> in the distance, you can see government troops have been defending the facility. the rebels still have not been able to prevent jet fighters from landing. but they have surrounded the airport, blocking all roads to areas under their control. >> they are bringing in supplies and soldiers using civilian aircraft's, so we cannot hit them all the time. but when we take the airport, they will lose control of aleppo. >> cutting the supply lines
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could give the rebels the upper hand for now, at least. >> hurricane force winds and blizzards are sweeping through the northeast of united states. four people have reportedly been killed by the storm. 60 centimeters of snow have been dumped on new england, mucking up our two homes and businesses. -- power to homes and businese ses. >> new england woke up under a thick plank of snow. in connecticut, workers had to shovel to make way for the plows. the streets of boston were empty, except for the emergency crews charged with getting the city moving again. along the coast, waves came ashore, washington oceanfront decks out to see and prompting evacuations. hundreds of thousands are without power throughout the region.
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getting around by car or by foot is no easy task. the suburbs of new york were also buried. >> it's horrible. hopefully it will be 50 degrees on monday and we will get it melting. >> plenty of work for the tow trucks, too. up to 100 cars were stranded overnight on the long island expressway. stopped dead in their tracks by whiteout conditions. >> i see cars on fire, i see them upside down, cars on 347. people should not be out. >> new york city got hit with 20 centimeters. >> it looks likely dodged a bullet. but winter is not over. tonight, if things freeze again, things are going to be slippery. you should be careful. >> a warning echoed by officials across the region, who say the effects of the storm will be felt for days to come.
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kristen saloomey, al jazeera, new york. >> one of the german chancellor 's closest allies has been forced to quit. the germany education minister has stepped down after it was revealed she had not returned her own -- but in her own phd thesis. university ruled as yet systematically and intentionally copied a large parts of the paper -- the university ruled that she had systematically and intentionally copied large parts of the paper. >> when education minister sues the university, it becomes a burden for my office, the ministry, the government, and the party. and i want to avoid that. it's not right. the office should not be damaged. therefore, i believe today is the right day to resign as minister and concentrate on my mandate in parliament. haselgium's airport
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reopened after a plane crashed, killing five people. the pilot tried to return to the runway and crashed. the airport was shut for six hours great a leading member of russia's opposition has been placed under house arrest -- hours. a leading member of russia's opposition has been placed under house arrest. police in the philippines say they have shot and killed a man suspected of involvement in the countries political massacre. police say the suspect fired a pistol and threw a grenade at officers who were trying to arrest him. he has been linked to the deaths of more than 50 political rivals in the 2009 massacre. the killings were believed to be an intent to stop rivals from
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running against a candidate in the 2010 elections. a deal was made on saturday during talks between the leaders of both countries. the country except 750 asylum- seekers per year. thousands of people travel to australia by boat to seek asylum every year, often in dangerous conditions. health officials in the usa obesity obesity levels are at epidemic proportions. it is putting a strain on the health care system. the growing number of overweight americans battle high blood pressure and heart disease. rob reynolds reports from the town known as the fattest in the us. >> 13 years old and weighing 87 kilos, hector is fighting
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obesity. last year he weighed 107 kilos. then a school nurse warned his mother he was showing early signs of diabetes. >> i felt horrified. >> she changed the family diet radically. out with pizza, chips, and sodas. in came fruit, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. >> i feel great. now i can do anything i want. >> hector lives in mcallen, texas. 38% of the population is obese, higher than anywhere else in the us. mcallen mirrors a nationwide epidemic that began decades ago. >> people are becoming more dependent on processed foods, which have much more carbohydrates and sugar. we have engineered physical
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activity out of our hour lives. mom and dad oftentimes rely on fast food to get something quick to the kids to have been hungry. >> the result, soaring nationwide healthcare costs and a crushing burden of obesity related disease, including cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. mcallen is not only the most obese, but also the poorest city in the us. poor people are much more susceptible to becoming obese. mcallen's streets are lined with fast food restaurants. we bought $10 worth of fruits and vegetables here at the market. as you can see, it is hardly enough to feed a family of four. this is $10 worth of fast food. hamburgers, fries, soft drinks. it is easy to see how parents trying to feed their families on tight budgets are almost forced to choose fast food full of
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sugar, salt, and fat. now alert to the dangers of bad food choices, hector and his mother go regularly to see a dietitian. he says the boy is making good progress. >> i am so proud of you. >> he recalls another patient with a terrifying list of symptoms. >> hypertension, hyperlipidemia. that child, he will not live to be a senior. >> faced with diet, exercise, and a concerned parent, hector 's chances of living a long and healthy life have improved. but for many boys and girls of his generation, the chance is there that obesity will steal years from their lives. robert reynold, al jazeera, texas. >> a reminder of the headlines.
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there is growing turmoil in tunisia. thousands of people rally on the streets of the capital in a show of support for the government. the prime minister has threatened to resign as a technical ticket government is not formed. -- if a technocratic government is not formed. >> the country, up to now, has been proud of its unity. a rally in support of the government, but against the other parties that make up the coalition. it is illustrating the growing divide between religious and secular. >> united nations secretary- general has condemned a deadly attack on a dissident camp in iraq. least five people were killed and dozens were injured when more than 30 rockets struck the. -- camp. the exiles were once backed by
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saddam hussein but are out of favor with the current government. growing outrage over the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl who was mutilated and left to die in the western cape. she died in hospital after the attack in her hometown. dozens of protesters have been injured in kashmir, and parts of pakistan during a violent response to the execution of a prisoner implicated in the attack on india's parliament in 2001. the kashmir man was hanged nine years after being found guilty of conspiring with and sheltering the gun man. syria's information minister said the government has agreed to hold talks with rebel forces. president bashar al-assad has also reshuffled some of his cabinet. state tv is reporting that seven new ministers have been appointed. appointed. hurricane force winds


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